The Netherlands bans online sales of e-vaporizers

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As of July 1, 2023, new legal provisions have entered into force which significantly affect online sales of tobacco products and related items, including vaporizers for dried herbs and therefore for cannabis flowers or extracts.

Since that date, Dutch traders have been prohibited from selling tobacco products and related items remotely, including via online shops, social media, telephone, chat or mail. Foreign operators are also prohibited from marketing these products online to Dutch consumers.

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) will enforce this ban.

What products are affected by the ban?

The ban on online sales covers tobacco products and related items. This includes not only traditional tobacco products, but also electronic vaporizers, electronic heaters and herbal products intended for smoking.

These products can no longer be sold online to Dutch consumers either by Dutch or European traders.

From our understanding, mechanical devices, like Dynavap or the good old weed pipe, are still allowed for sale in the Netherlands.

Dutch online shops are adapting

Due to upcoming legal changes, Dutch online shops will remove all e-vaporizers and e-heaters from their Dutch website(s), as we have seen at Sirius and VapoShop, for no cite just two.

These items can no longer be ordered online by Dutch customers.

Against the objective of promoting public health

While vaping cannabis is one of the healthiest ways to consume it, it’s strange that the Dutch government is going against its public health goals. Only the consumption of cannabis through an edible product is healthier, because rid of any inhalation.

As asks, how long will this ban last?

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