Oklahoma votes today to legalize cannabis

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Voters in Oklahoma head to the polls today to vote on a measure that would legalize cannabis for adults.

The measure would allow adults 21 and older to purchase and possess up to one ounce of cannabis (28 grams), grow up to six mature plants and six growing plants for personal use. The current Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority would be responsible for regulating the program and issuing cannabis licenses.

A 15% excise tax would be imposed on cannabis products for adult use, and the proceeds would go to a ” Oklahoma Marijuana Revenue Trust Fund“, an Oklahoma Cannabis Trust Fund.

The funds would first cover the cost of administering the program and the rest would be divided between the municipalities where the sales took place (10%), the State Judicial Revolving Fund (10%), general fund (30%), public education grants (30%), and grants for programs involved in drug treatment and prevention (20%).

Those incarcerated for activities made legal by the measure could “file a motion for re-sentencing, quashing of the conviction and dismissal, or modification of the judgment and of pain”. People who have already served time for such a conviction can also apply to the courts to overturn their conviction.

Recreational legalization is expected to bring the state more than $100 million in new revenue per year, or about $434 million between 2024 and 2028.

Kevin Stitt, the governor, opposes legalizing adult use, although he said last year that he thought the federal government should end prohibition to “solve many problems in all these different states” that have legalized cannabis. He also said last year that he believes Oklahoma voters were misled into approving an earlier initiative to legalize medical cannabis in 2018.

Republican Party leaders in the state and GOP lawmakers have also urged voters to reject Oklahoma’s recreational cannabis legalization measure.

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