Luxembourg pays 3 million euros for 30 kilos of medical cannabis

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Being the richest country in the world inevitably has some advantages. Luxembourg has just spent 3 million euros for 30 kilograms of medical cannabis. If you take out your calculator, and apply a good old cross product, you get the tidy sum of 100 euros per gram.

“The chosen offer is that of Canopy Growth Germany in collaboration with Tilray Germany. The products of both suppliers come from Portugal and Canada ”, indicates the Luxembourg Minister of Health, in a written response addressed to a parliamentarian. Paulette Lenert also specifies that the Grand Duchy will receive 28.5 kilograms of cannabis flowers at a ratio THC 18% / CBD <1%, and 2.25 kilograms of weed balanced in THC / CBD.

This delivery is welcome in Luxembourg. The country has experienced a shortage of medical cannabis since March. The 700 or so patients treated with the flowers will soon be able to resume their treatment. This particularly concerns those who suffer from serious illnesses with chronic pain, cancer, or multiple sclerosis.

” Spending a lot “

But this supply comes at a high price. Very strong. 100 euros per gram is unheard of. “It must be a mistake, it’s not possible!, reacts hot Bertrand Rambaud, the representative of the Francophone Union for cannabinoids in medicine. Typically, wholesale purchase prices range from $ 2 to $ 3 per gram. Then on resale, it is around 7 euros. When I went to the Netherlands, the Bedrocan was sold at around 7.20 euros per gram. “

Luxembourgers also seem confused by this purchase price. In the journal comment space The essential, many Internet users share their surprise: “100 euros per gram ?! But it’s big nonsense ”,“ Luxembourg is known to throw money down the drain ”, “There must be an error, or then an intermediary who takes a good commission in the process.”

The government will have no trouble paying so much. Luxembourg is the richest country in the world, in terms of wealth per capita, according to the latest figures from the World Bank. But now, we will have to see how much Luxembourg medical cannabis will sell for. “If they buy it at 100 euros per gram, they are not going to resell it at 10 euros”, prognosis Bertrand Rambaud.

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