The Senate votes for the economic development of the hemp industry in France

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The Senate adopted this Thursday, November 17 by a large majority a motion for a resolution on the economic development of the hemp sector in France and the improvement of the regulation of products derived from hemp.

“Throughout my mandate, I have mobilized for the development of the hemp sector in Isère and in all countries” wrote last September the senator Guillaume Gontard, at the origin of the proposal co-signed by more than fifty senators representing all political groups.

The proposal defended 3 main axes:

  • full legalization of CBD in all its forms, to end the current gray area
  • the development of an agro-industrial sector to offer outlets to farmers while activating a virtuous economic and ecological circle
  • government support for the sector, in particular by mobilizing public procurement for hemp derivatives (hemp concrete, insulation, etc.) or with the creation of a label of excellence

A resolution is not binding on the government. It nevertheless marks the expression of a wish or concern of parliamentarians, in particular with such strong support. The proposal garnered 179 votes in favor and 7 against.

The Professional Hemp Syndicate is delighted with this new step.

“This is a strong political signal because this motion for a resolution was adopted by a very large majority. A consensus therefore emerges from this joint decision and shows the will of the Senate to implement the conditions necessary to develop the hemp sector in France. It now remains for the government to listen to this transpartisan consensus in order to develop appropriate regulations”.

InterChanvre, which participated in the development of the proposal with parliamentarians, also shares this satisfaction.

“It’s a great recognition for the plant and the sector that supports it. Much remains to be done but the collective and the support are growing daily, promising great things. »

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