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The American brand known for its unique lighters: Zippo, makes new ranges of products available to consumers and collectors every year. Over time, the Zippo printing techniques become very numerous. In this article, we will see together the big novelty of 2021: the 540 Color marking and its combination with the finish Zippo Glow in the Dark. An association for a rendering of great originality and which, we are sure, will appeal to a large number of you.

What is the 540 Color marking?

Unlike the 360 ​​° laser printing method which allows the lighter to be covered on 4 sides, the 540 Color marking, meanwhile, allows the brand’s new Zippos to be marked on all its sides in color to leave no part of patterns empty lighter. There are only the hinges and the base of the lighter which are not affected by this marking for various reasons (easier verification of the date on the base, etc.), The Zippo brand called on 2 street artists for the creation of unique copies. The two world famous artists are: Tristan Eaton and Marija Tiurina.

The Glow-in-the-Dark-Green finish

The “Glow-in-the-Dark-Green” finish, as the name suggests, allows your lighter to glow (green color) in the night after exposing it to a bright light for a short time. This is a new way to stand out from the crowd. What is particularly interesting is that you can therefore be sure to find your Zippo! This finish does not affect the quality of the designs and simply allows consumers to have a more original Zippo lighter that will surprise those around them.

The combination of 540 Color marking and Glow-in-the-Dark-Green finish

Now that you have explained to you what this marking and finishing consisted of, it is time to talk about their association with the Zippo brand. Thanks to these new techniques, Zippo was able to design Zippo lighters with patterns present on the entire surface of the lighters and which, in addition to that, light up in the dark in a green color. The green color of the lighter in the dark also makes it possible to highlight the contours of the lighter and to highlight the design of this one in another light. Discover the different products that have this unique association now!

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