South Africa approves its first cannabis dispensary

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South Africa’s first dispensary opened after receiving its license in late 2021.

THC Pharmacy, registered with the South African Pharmacy Board and Department of Health, will supply medical cannabis users with cards. This first launch follows the end of cannabis prohibition in South Africa in 2018 and the authorization of its personal use.

The pharmacy is located in Glenanda, Johannesburg, and supplies two others around the country. She also offers to take care of the application procedures for the use of medical cannabis or gives cooking classes with cannabis.

“So far, the pharmacy has sold more than 3 kg of dried medical flowers. It’s slow because each card only allows 120 grams per person per month, or 4 grams per day for 30 days. We are aiming for around 500 cardholder members which will allow us to sell around 30-50kg of product per month,” said Kyle Brocklebank, CEO of THC Africa who launched the THC Pharmacy.

To obtain a license, the pharmacy underwent various quality checks with the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority. After these checks, the license issued authorizes the cultivation of cannabis, but only for medical purposes.

“The patient then sees a doctor who listens to their ailments and prescribes cannabis with specific doses of CBD and THC. »

Patients complete a document to submit to the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (Sahpra), which is responsible for issuing cards authorizing the therapeutic use of cannabis.

“This is the approval that Sahpra has to give in order to use cannabis. We tie the whole process together helping with demand and selling the regulated product,” said Professor Benny De Beer, who works with THC Pharmacy.

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