Report: “How to legalize cannabis in accordance with international conventions”

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Augur Associates, a cannabis consultancy based in Paris, launched its latest white paper “How to legalize cannabis while respecting international conventions” during the Plant Medicine Week which took place last week in Malta.

Legalize cannabis in accordance with international conventions

In recent years, new approaches to the regulation of drugs and cannabis have emerged in Europe. After deep prohibition propelled worldwide by the United States, European states are increasingly beginning to experiment with the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis.

The common idea is that the international conventions, which govern the use of drugs for medical and research purposes, prohibit other uses, generally called “recreational” or “for adult use”. An in-depth and careful analysis of the conventions, drawn from the latest scientific research by the FAAAT and Kenzi Riboulet-Zemouli that you can find here, nevertheless leaves room for regulation of uses other than medical and research.

Along with Malta’s current legalization approach for its internal market, and the willingness of Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland to legalize or experiment with legalization, this white paper describes the possibilities that exist within international and European drug policy to properly regulate the production, distribution and consumption of cannabis.

The report, currently only in English, is available here. It will be followed by an expanded edition in French this summer.

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