Renaissance deputies want to intensify the repression of the use of cannabis

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Faced with the recorded failure of French policy in the fight against drugs, deputies of the presidential majority led by the Renaissance deputy for Bouches-du-Rhône Lionel ROYER-PERREAUT propose to “further punish the consumption of narcotics and products causing hallucinatory behavior”.

A failure recorded by the deputies of the majority

The explanatory memorandum to the bill (PPL) gives thanks to the failure of the French policy on drugs.

“The law of December 31, 1970 theoretically prohibited the use of narcotics in our country, providing for up to one year in prison and a fine of 3,750 euros for drug use. The French population is however the biggest consumer of narcotics in Europe. It has 1 million daily consumers, and 4 to 5 million occasional. »

Taking up the language of the Ministry of the Interior, which aims to stigmatize drug users as the driving force behind drug trafficking, the PPL notes that “drug trafficking is thus the direct cause of numerous settling of scores, particularly in the regions Parisian or in the cities of Marseilles. Local residents suffer from the presence of deal points and their nuisances, at any time of the day and night. This situation cannot go on any longer, and it is time that drug users realize that they are participating in a deadly activity. »

The only solution for these majority deputies: to toughen the penalties for cannabis users and, more broadly, narcotics users.

They therefore offer:

  • raising the fixed criminal fine for the consumption of narcotics, from €200 to €500
  • to sanction the consumption of drugs by “a person holding public authority or charged with a public service mission, or by the personnel of a land, sea or air transport company for goods or passengers performing questioning the safety of transport” by 5 years’ imprisonment and a fine of €75,000
  • to open fixed fines to minors from the age of 16, for first offenses and repeat offenses
  • to prohibit the sale of nitrous oxide (used to make whipped cream or for “balloons”) to anyone who might misuse it

The deputies carrying the proposal are:

  • Damien ABAD, Renaissance MP for Ain
  • Sabrina AGRESTIROUBACHE, Renaissance MP for Bouches-du-Rhône
  • Xavier ALBERTINI, Horizons deputy of the Marne
  • Romain DAUBIÉ, Modem MP for Ain
  • Yannick HAURY, Renaissance MP for Loire-Atlantique
  • Delphine LINGEMANN, Modem MP for Puy-de-Dôme
  • Lysiane MÉTAYER, Renaissance MP for Morbihan
  • Nicolas PACQUOT, Renaissance deputy for Doubs
  • Charles SITZENSTUHL, Renaissance MP for Bas-Rhin
  • Philippe SOREZ, Renaissance MP for Hérault
  • Violette SPILLEBOUT, Renaissance du Nord MP

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