LaFleur imports 500 Cannabis cuttings

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LaFleur, a French medical cannabis company, imported 500 cuttings of 24 different varieties of Cannabis as part of the Cannatech project, supported by the Pays de La Loire Region, thanks to a grant of €800,000.

The Cannatech project

The Cannatech project concerns the optimization of cannabis production in collaboration with INRAe, the University of Angers and the company SERAAP.

The challenge is to efficiently produce molecules of medical cannabis interest in a controlled environment and to reduce the consumption of resources in order to achieve eco-responsible production with the highest level of quality.

LaFleur is thus developing analytical methods with the SONAS laboratory (Substances of Natural Origin and Structural Analogues) of the University of Angers which allow it to characterize varieties and select them according to their profiles of active molecules.

In parallel with the Cannatech project, green chemistry extraction techniques have been developed through a partnership with the National School of Engineers in Chemical and Technological Arts of Toulouse (ENCIACET) since 2019.

The formulation and production of pharmaceutical forms are carried out by French partners.

Smart Lab

DelleD-LaFleur has created intelligent climate chambers using its own Hortimind IA solution, which automates the monitoring and optimization of Cannabis crops.

“The DelleD company, through its partners, already has the capacity to supply medical Cannabis produced and controlled in Europe.

The importation of cannabis cuttings and the conduct of the agronomic R&D program will enable our laboratory to offer French therapeutic solutions based on Cannabis in the next 12 months depending on the obtaining of authorizations” declared Franck Milone, President and Founder of DelleD.

After an initial fundraising of €3m and obtaining funding of €500k from the BPI and IDF region in 2020 as well as a grant of around €800,000 from the Pays de la Loire region in 2022, DelleD is currently finalizing a new fundraising of €1.1m and is launching a series A fundraising of €10m to accelerate its growth and prepare for the generalization of medical cannabis in France by March 2024.

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