Bic starts recycling its disposable lighters, a first

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Bic disposable lighters, known for their flashy colors and practicality will no longer be a scourge for nature. Indeed, the manufacturer indicates that it wants to recycle its lighters in its factory in Redon. Explanations.

A great first in the smoking world

It was on December 7 that Bic shook the smoking world with incredible news to say the least. Indeed, the company has announced that it wants to recycle its disposable bic lighters in its factory in Redon in Ille-et-Vilaine. If its project sees the light of day, Bic would quite simply be the very first company in the smoking world to bet on concrete action in favor of ecology.

World leader in disposable lighters, Bic announces that it has developed a process for disassembling its disposable lighters with a view to recycling them. On December 7, a few journalists were able to enter the historic factory (1971) to observe the brand new machines dedicated to recycling.

All in all, 5 million euros were deployed to design 7 machines dedicated to sorting, gas purging, crushing, disassembly and reconditioning of lighters. Ultimately, 100% of lighters will be recycled and 99.9% of the material collected will be reused.

The circular economy is no longer an option at Bic

Who has not already seen a disposable Bic lighter on the ground at the corner of a street, in a park or even on a beach? It was after having studied the market for fifteen years and after having collaborated with a few environmental NGOs that François Clément-Grandcourt, the CEO of Bic announced that he wanted to turn to the circular economy through the recycling of his lighters.

At this time, the collection process has not yet been defined. The company is still hesitating between 7 options which would be in the testing phase to choose the best one. However, Bic is firm: the idea is to work in an almost closed circuit by reusing used materials to design new products substantially similar to the original ones.

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