Covid positive? delivers CBD to you for free

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For 2 years, everyone has been navigating between confinements, teleworking, the increase in Covid cases, quarantines and other isolations for contact cases. Results ? Many are respecting these rules responsibly by staying at home and are now on the verge of burnout, with enormous difficulties in simply relaxing.

It is in this context that JustMary, one of the largest delivery companies of legal light cannabis in Europe, fits. The company is offering one gram of lite cannabis to anyone who is forced to stay home due to covid or quarantine.

Matteo Moretti, CEO of : “We deliver legal light cannabis for free to anyone in quarantine. Our objective ? To offer a moment of relaxation to this part, temporarily less fortunate, of the community”.

“We are launching “community” cannabis: 1 gram of free light cannabis to French people who responsibly stay at home and who, given the situation, are looking for a way to relax. How to access this initiative? All you have to do is send us a sworn statement on the chat on our site concerning the start of quarantine, as well as the request for access to this initiative. We will continue while supplies last” says Matteo Moretti, CEO of JustMary.

But what does JustMary take care of, in detail? JustMary is one of the largest companies active in the delivery of legal cannabis in Europe. The service (available in France in Paris) operates from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. and delivery is made directly to your home, in less than 45 minutes from the time of the order. The delivery service is completely anonymous, with the company’s delivery people working in civilian clothes.

More information about JustMary

JustMary ended the year 2021 with 1 million euros in turnover and, in recent months, it has tripled the number of its employees, going from 10 to 32 people (excluding subcontractors). The company, in Paris alone, aims to generate one million euros before the end of 2022 and, before the end of 2023, it aspires to reach 10 cities throughout France.

For more information: Cristian Veronesi [email protected]

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