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Was Jean-Paul Belmondo a cigar lover? According to some portraits, it seems that he appreciated the art of smoking vitolas. With fame helping, he finally let his passion guide him to bigger cigars.

With a cigar in my hand and a smile on my face

The death of the actor caused a lot of emotion among the French. And for good reason: this icon had marked several generations. His huge track record and his outspokenness had won over a large number of people. The tributes multiply and suddenly, we fall back on clichés of the actor smoking the cigar.

If we knew Bébel for his good humor and his smile, many had forgotten that he was also a big fan of cigars.

From small cigar to large caliber

In his early days, Jean-Paul Belmondo was photographed by Sam Levin. The latter rarely dated his pictures. It is therefore difficult to know when he was able to immortalize Bébel with his straw hat and his long cigar in his mouth. Anyway, this addiction has obviously never left him.

Success has taken nothing away from Jean-Paul Belmondo’s love for the cigar. A few years later, it was Émilie de la Hosseraye’s turn to immortalize her wearing a star beret and a big cigar in her mouth.

The bon vivant in all its splendor

The actor of the “Magnificent” was known for his taste for beautiful things. A ladies’ man, he never hid his love for good bottles and cigars. On his death, he left an impressive collection to his descendants.

His entourage described him as an intrepid bon vivant. He lived every moment intensely and knew how to enjoy life without getting too big of a head. This actor with timeless charisma and typical French charm marked the world of cinema. On screen as in life, the bar of a chair remained one of his privileged moments that he loved to share with his loved ones.

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