Out of stock for a second product of medical cannabis experimentation

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After the stock shortage of the most prescribed product in the experimentation of therapeutic cannabis, the health authorities recommended to fall back on a CBD:THC 20:1 oil. Lack of luck – or anticipation – the 20:1 ratio oil was announced to be out of stock on Wednesday morning April 19th.

Does this signal the end of the experiment? The signal sent is in any case very worrying.

“We are in a transitional situation where we have no more products”, regrets Professor Authier to the Quotidien du Médecin. “It’s a very negative signal: we’re going to have a hard time keeping health professionals in the experiment,” he predicts.

Short of stock on the CBD 50 oil supplied by the Australian Little Green Pharma (LGP), the professor had been able to fall back on the 20:1 oil, also supplied by LGP, for certain patients with resistant neuropathic pain .

“And now I’m going to be stuck, because I just have to offer them a balanced ratio of THC and CBD. he indicates. I also have patients who cannot tolerate THC, and I have nothing more to offer them. »

An information meeting is to be held this Friday, April 21 at the DGS on the question of the status of therapeutic cannabis, its possible reimbursement and its possible legalization. As he had described during a recent symposium at the National Assembly, decisions must be taken quickly so as not to miss the boat of generalization.

“The arbitrations must take place before the summer,” hopes Professor Authier. “Otherwise, it will be too late to bring cannabis into common law with the next PLFSS. »

As for the reason for the stock shortage, the role of the General Directorate of Health (DGS) is still singled out.

“The calls for tenders were launched too late”, judges Professor Authier. “We go from administrative error to administrative error,” he laments.

Little Green Pharma, which provides the two out-of-stock products, did not wish to re-enlist for an additional year, the first two years having cost it around 10 million euros according to our information.

The DGS is now trying to limit the pots and busts after having failed to allocate all the batches of a first call for tenders aimed at providing the extension of the first 2 years of the experiment. A second tender is currently underway to replace the supplier and/or the CBD 50 oil that failed in the first place. Before a third tender for 20:1 oil?

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