Focus on Savinelli pipes

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All great pipe enthusiasts inevitably know the Italian brand Savinelli. With its ancestral know-how and its finely crafted models, it has established itself as one of the best brands in the world.

A story that lasts

In 1876, the first Savinelli store moved to Milan, Italy, and sold items dedicated to smokers. Faced with the success it meets, the house decides to produce pipes bearing the image of the brand. From the post-war period, the know-how of the Italian master pipe makers crossed borders to be recognized internationally.

It must be said that the materials used are of high quality and the handwork of the pipe makers is also very meticulous. For all these years, the Savinelli house has never ceased to use ancestral methods to make its pipes, which today makes it a very popular brand among connoisseurs and collectors.

Focus on Savinelli pipes

A wide variety of products

Besides the craftsmanship, it is worth noting that Savinelli has created over 90 different pipe shapes. Thus, each smoker can find his favorite fire pit on both aesthetic and practical criteria. Canadian, Brandy Liverpool or Lovat, Egg, etc., each of the pipes made by Savinelli has a name, but each shape is also identified by a number. These do not go from 1 to 100, but from 101 to 920. Some are even followed by the letters KS, an acronym meaning “King Size” for large model.

Let’s talk about models. There are also a very large number of them. Caramella, Punto Oro, Miel, etc., are among the so-called basic references. There are others made by hand: Creativity, Artisans or Autograph. And every year since 1986, the pipe of the year called Collection has been released.

The models of pipes are available in several finishes and always in 6 or 9 mm. You will understand, the idea is of course to adapt to the desires and choices of all pipe smokers. And you ? What is your favorite Savinelli pipe?

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