New Caledonia creates its Hemp Syndicate

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New Caledonia wants to move up a gear for CBD. The Archipelago Chanvriers Association has just been transformed. It must now be called the Hemp Syndicate of New Caledonia, with Frédéric Gérard at its head. Objective: to (finally) legalize hemp in this French territory.

This syndicate has no connection with the Metropolitan Hemp Syndicate, or with the Polynesian Hemp Syndicate in Tahiti. But the objective is the same: to advance mentalities… and the law.

Because New Caledonia is an autonomous community, whose laws differ from mainland France. It has its own government and parliament, for example. And on site, CBD has been banned since a decree of 2018. The substance is considered a narcotic product on the archipelago, which therefore prohibits its use and marketing.

In addition, New Caledonian law prohibits the importation of hemp seeds and seeds, considered as “invasive species”. French law, limiting the THC level to 032%, makes it very complicated, if not impossible, to grow hemp. Indeed, the tropical climate of New Caledonia automatically increases the level of THC.

Reunion, for example, has set up derogations to test hemp cultivation at 1%.

“A 1969 law bans all hemp”

The recent legalization of non-psychotropic cannabinoids in France does not change this. A heresy for this new union, which wants to make its voice heard. Its objective is first the use of hemp in industry, and then to produce hemp for its cannabinoids.

“There is a 1969 law that prohibits anything about Indian hemp, but allows me to apply for a license to exploit poppy or cocaquips the president of the union on the Caledonia TV channel. So it is time, since the UN reclassified the plant in December 2020, to classify hemp as a narcotic with medical use. »

During this interview, Frédéric Gérard clarified that he was in contact with the DASS, the local health ministry. But the authorities have not yet provided an answer. “really convincing”.

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