Maryland will vote for or against the legalization of cannabis

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On November 8, 2022, the people of Maryland will vote to elect their governor… and to legalize – or not – recreational cannabis. This is the result of a law, approved by the House of Delegates and then by the Senate of this state located not far from the capital Washington DC

If Maryland’s 6 million people vote “yes,” cannabis will be legal as of July 1, 2023. Adults over 21 will be able to possess up to 42 grams of cannabis. It will also be possible to grow two cannabis plants at home. Criminal records for possession of cannabis will be expunged. And people in prison for consuming or selling the plant will be free.

At this stage, the law does not yet provide details on store licenses or the level of taxation. Deputies and senators will only provide these details if the law is passed. For opponents of legalization, Maryland has put the cart before the horse.

66% of inhabitants for legalization

“First, we need to be sure to remove barriers for some people, such as expunging criminal records. Then we will solve the problems related to taxes and licenses »is justified the democrat deputy Luke Clippinger, at the origin of the law.

The “social justice” dimension of cannabis legalization is very important in Maryland. Indeed, it is one of the American states where there are the most blacks. 30% of residents are African-American, the fourth state with the highest proportion. And in the United States, blacks are the most affected by the laws against cannabis.

Will residents vote for or against legalization? A recent poll shows that 66% of Marylanders are in favor of such a measure. Even if the margin of error of this study is 4%, the result seems almost acquired. A recent report predicted legalization in Maryland in 2023. If so, it would become the 20th state (out of fifty) to authorize the plant.

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