The electronic cigarette, a windfall for this family

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E-Liquide-FR is a family business that continues to grow. Its core business is none other than the electronic cigarette. Created in 2009, it has become a pioneer in the market. Let’s lift the veil on this success story.

A family matter

In 2009, Denis Goldrajch decided to launch his electronic cigarette business. In this adventure, he embarks Christel Mary, his wife. The bet was not yet won, since at that time, the vaping market was still unknown in France.

Denis and Chrystel had to create everything from product safety to e-liquid distribution, sales methods and techniques, etc. Indeed, nothing was yet truly standardized in this very young market. Reliable and reassuring, E-Liquide-FR has won over customers, so much so that the company has started to grow more and more. Then, some time later, the founder’s son, Julien Goldrajch, was added to the management duo.

The electronic cigarette, a windfall for this family

European e-liquids made in France guaranteed

In the early 2010s, most e-liquids were made in China. The couple were the very first to offer European e-liquids to their customers. More standardized, more secure too, they quickly attracted vaping enthusiasts and the most curious.

But Denis wanted to go further by focusing on made in France. This is how they broke their contracts with European companies to focus on French know-how. A winning bet that has not only made it possible to develop the offer in the region, but also to make the company the leader in the sale of vaping products in France.

Technology above all

E-Liquide-FR owes its success to very advanced working methods supported by new technologies. Their error rate close to zero is mainly due to the use of connected objects in all stages of order preparation.

On the other hand, the company seeks excellence and diversity by choosing products that are always innovative and certified by AFNOR.

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