CBD Shop France: From Colombiana Haze to the Capone Show

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Mafia atmosphere at CBD Shop France. Strong franchise of its more than 100 brands, CBD Shop France makes plan an air of prohibition. But rest assured: everything they sell is legal!

Colombiana Haze

The Colombiana Haze is the nugget of CBD Shop France. Variety from South America, it will recall the old-school versions of Haze with very green colors and smells mixing pine and spices.

Colombiana Haze

La Colombiana Haze

Colombiana Haze is advertised at between 10 and 12% CBD, giving it the ability to both stimulate, at low doses, or relax at higher doses.

The strain is so popular that all of the brand’s infusions and drinks are made from Colombiana Haze.

A wider product range

If the Colombiana holds the top of the poster, the card of CBD Shop France is however more extensive than a single variety. Whether you are looking for fruity varieties like Mango, classics like Amnesia or CBG flowers, which relax the head more than the body, the shop continuously offers around twenty distinct varieties, to which are added a few moonrocks.

On the CBD resin side, different qualities and textures are offered, from sparkling Afghani to hashes filtered 3 times and amounting to 57% CBD.

SPECTROF CBD oils offered by CBD shop France

The full spectrum CBD oils are sometimes referred to as “full spectrum” oils because they contain all of the compounds found in the cannabis plant. It is also a sign of quality due to the extraction method used.

The French brand SPECTROF chose to use this natural method of cold extraction, to guarantee the presence of all cannabinoids and maintain the integrity of the elements present in the hemp plant. In contrast, so-called isolated CBD oil, obtained from CBD crystals, contains heavy metals and chemical residues caused by the isolation of the CBD molecule by solvents.

What is the main difference between the two types of oil? On the one hand, CBD oil is only composed of isolated cannabidiol (CBD), while Full Spectrum CBD oil contains other compounds from the cannabis plant, such as cannabigerol ( CBG), cannabinol (CBN), and more.

L’full spectrum cbd oil is also considered more potent and effective than isolated CBD oil. Indeed, due to the presence of all the compounds of hemp, it allows you to take advantage of theentourage effecti.e. a stronger effect, and over a longer period of time.

Capone Show

Each week, CBD Shop France releases a new episode of its Capone Show on Youtube, one of the first programs 100% dedicated to CBD on the social network.

Whether it is to highlight a product, a tip, advice or production secrets, the show brilliantly presents a mastered subject.

CBD Shop France is also the first brand of CBD to have released his weekly Youtube show. The context ? Each week, a product, a tip, a production secret or a theme specific to the Legal CBD is addressed, in order to remove all questions and taboos around the legal cannabis use.

A show 100% dedicated to CBDthe first two seasons of which are already available on the platform, i.e. 25 episodes that are fun, educational and interesting whether you are a seasoned CBD consumer or a novice in the field.

The unmissable meeting place for lovers of 100% natural CBD for well-being and relaxation.

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