Morocco: ANRAC issues 50 additional licenses for cannabis companies

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The Moroccan Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis Activities (ANRAC) has granted new licenses to companies wishing to carry out legal activities related to cannabis according to the Moroccan online news site Hespress.

50 new licenses have been granted to more than 20 players in the sector, a source wishing to remain anonymous told the Moroccan site, stressing that a recent meeting of the advisory committee responsible for studying license applications has made it possible to give the permission.

Among these twenty actors who received the license, there are two cooperatives responsible for processing the product, marketing and exporting.

The source also said that in total more than a hundred licenses have been given by the same organization and that for around 35 operators who will be responsible for the marketing in Morocco and abroad of cannabis derivatives. As of October 2022, only 10 licenses have been issued.

As a reminder, the National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis-Related Activities is the governance and control body that ensures the proper application of Law No. 13.21 relating to the legal uses of cannabis in Morocco.

The law stipulates the granting of licenses for nine activities, that of production and agriculture exercised by the farmer originating from the region and in contact with the land, from one of the three codified regions namely Chefchaouen, Taounate and Al Hoceima.

The second activity concerns the production and exploitation of seedlings, the import of seeds and seedlings, or the export of the latter, activities carried out by people and not by companies. The rest of the activities are carried out by businesses, namely those related to the processing, transport, marketing and export of cannabis and the import of cannabis-based products.

ANRAC should launch its website this week, which will make it possible to submit license applications without having to travel to the site.

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