Geneva, third city in Switzerland to launch legal cannabis sales in December

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Geneva will soon be the third city in Switzerland – after Basel and Zurich – to sell cannabis completely legally. The news was announced last Wednesday by former President of the Confederation Ruth Dreifuss, currently president of the ChanGE association which will lead the experiment.

Legal sale of cannabis: a first for Geneva

The three-year pilot project will offer approximately 1,000 Geneva residents the opportunity to purchase and consume cannabis legally. It will be closely monitored and analyzed by the addiction department of University Hospitals and the sociology department of the University of Geneva.

Instead of performing physiological measurements, such as blood tests, researchers will focus on participants’ perceptions, behaviors and consumption, as well as community reactions.

Conditions of participation and location of point of sale

To participate in this experience, potential participants must be of legal age, reside in the canton of Geneva and be regular consumers of cannabis, whether for recreational or therapeutic purposes.

Martine Baudin, ChanGE coordinator, emphasizes that the project aims to interest a wide range of participants, aged 18 to 70.

Selected candidates will be able to visit “La Cannabinothèque”, the point of sale which will be located near Châtelaine, in Vernier, a few kilometers from the French border, from December and which will be easily accessible by public transport.

Conclusion and compliance with the law

While the pilot project seems promising for cannabis enthusiasts in Geneva, authorities stress that it will be strictly regulated and that illegal activities will not be tolerated. Carole-Anne Kast, Secretary of State for Police, declared: “There is absolutely no question of illegal behavior taking place within this legal framework. »

Furthermore, the success of the project will depend on the support of the local community, as emphasized by Martin Staub, administrative advisor of the municipality of Vernier.

The pilot project aims to be an important step towards a more in-depth understanding of the effects of the legal sale and consumption of cannabis in Geneva and will provide opportunities to improve public health and prevention strategies. Registrations to participate in the trial have been open on the ChanGE association website since last Sunday, while the point of sale should open its doors to participants next December.

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