Afroman pokes fun at his raid in new song

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Afroman, singer, songwriter and 2024 US presidential candidate, has some questions for the police.

In September, the 48-year-old’s Ohio property was raided by heavily armed police who reportedly had a search warrant on suspicion of narcotics, drug trafficking and kidnapping.

The musician then posted on social media security camera footage of the police raid, during which law enforcement confiscated a vape pen, butt joints and a CBD flowerpot. Police also seized approximately $5,600 in cash from the pocket of one of his suits.

A raid that raises questions

Afroman, whose legal name is Joseph Foreman, has now turned those videos into a music video for a song called “Will You Help Me Repair My Door?” » [ndlr : M’aiderez-vous à réparer ma porte].

“Why does the warrant mention narcotics? Yes, I know narcotics. But why kidnapping? asks Foreman in the song.

As security footage shows police going through his belongings, Foreman asks a few more questions, including whether there are any kidnapping victims or thousands of pounds of weed in his suit pockets.

When the police move to another room in the house containing thousands of CDs, Foreman says, “Are there any kidnap victims on my CDs? “.

Foreman was in Chicago at the time of the raid, and security footage shows police breaking down his gate and front door to enter the property. The agents can also be seen taking money out of the pocket of one of Foreman’s suit jackets, which the rapper said was payment for a gig.

This also prompts another question from Foreman. “Why are you stealing my money? he asks, adding, “You represent the law and it’s funny.” You’re stealing my hard-earned money that I pay taxes on. »

Some of the money was later returned, $400 missing on appeal. The issue of the “vanished” money has been turned over to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, which will oversee the investigation.

Although no charges have been brought against Foreman, some of the items seized from the property are still being tested for the presence of narcotics.

Medical cannabis is legal in Ohio and possession of small amounts of cannabis for adult use, less than 100 grams, is a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum fine of $150.

Afroman, future American presidential candidate

Last month, Foreman announced that he was aiming for the White House in “Twenty Twenty Fro”, and that he planned to “get recreational cannabis legalized in every state”.

“My American friends, There comes a time in the course of human events when change must come. This moment has arrived. Americans are hurting, and the status quo is no longer acceptable,” his campaign manager, Jason Savage, said in the statement posted to Afroman’s Instagram.

The statement refers to Foreman as the “Commander in Chief of Cannabis,” and notes that he is “representative of the blue state of California and the red state of Mississippi. »

“Who better to occupy the highest office in the country than the highest and most fickle playa in the game ? »

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