Mike Tyson sells ear-shaped THC gummies

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Mike Tyson, the iconic American boxer, has just launched a new product from his cannabis brand: edibles shaped like an ear, a reference to the bite he inflicted on Evander Holyfield in 1997.

The most striking of all? His new ear-shaped THC gummies, called Mike Biteswhich can be translated as “Mike bites” but also “Mike’s Bites”, are not whole, to formalize the piece of ear that Holyfield is missing after Tyson bit off his ear in this famous fight .

These THC gummies are currently only available in California.

Mike Tyson and cannabis

Beyond his drug use as a boxer and later, Tyson began selling cannabis products in 2016 through his Tyson Holistic brand. He also set up a farm, the Tyson Ranch, which cultivates his varieties and manufactures products in his image.

“I have been an opioid user for most of my life. I am bipolar, tripolar and manic-depressive. I am all that fucking stuff. So I took all these pills and it got worse. I became obese, I became a zombie. So I changed my whole life, I started smoking and I stopped using opiates. I lost 45 lbs. My life has changed,” he said in an interview with Weedmaps in 2019.

Similarly, Tyson recommends the use of cannabis in athletes: “I believe that all athletes should smoke cannabis if they wish. I don’t put pressure on anyone. I just say to people who are like me, who suffer from a long career, [d’envisager] cannabis. »

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