Guernsey: Cannabis legalization proposal tabled

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The Guernsey Health and Welfare Committee has submitted its cannabis legalization plan for review. The proposal forms part of the Government Work Plan (GWP) which sets out priorities for the States of Guernsey during his tenure which runs to 2025. It will be debated next June.

Committee chairman Al Brouard said: “There are very different opinions on this politically, some would like to look at it sooner and some never. »

Home Affairs Committee Chairman Rob Prow said he would not support the plans.

Limited resources

In a letter sent on behalf of his committee members, he wrote: “We are convinced that its inclusion would be contrary to the spirit of GWP. »

MP Rob Prow said its inclusion “only raises the expectation of change and risks absorbing limited resources”.

He said the commission was “disappointed” that the Health Commission had not awaited the results of the working group on non-punitive approaches.

The latter aims to develop a legal framework, which includes a review of the legal status of cannabis, alternative approaches to drug possession, the rehabilitation of offenders, restorative justice and a review of criminal sentencing law.

MP Neil Inder, Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development, voiced his support for the proposal: “Prohibition has never worked and I have never believed that citizens should be criminalized for small amounts of recreational products. »

Guernsey has so far issued a license for the production of medical cannabis.

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