Kokopelli wants to reauthorize the cultivation of hemp by all

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The French association Kokopelli, known for the distribution of royalty-free and reproducible seeds, has decided to act to free CBD hemp.

Indeed, since the decree of December 30, 2021 which partly regulates hemp, the cultivation of hemp is prohibited for individuals and only authorized for “active farmers”. For individuals, only possession and consumption remains legal, but it is prohibited to grow your CBD, indoors or outdoors.

Kokopelli, who campaigns in particular for access for all to all seeds, has therefore launched an online petition which will serve as a basis for political action with various ministries to try to break the ban on self-cultivation of hemp. The objective is to have this ban on cultivation withdrawn for cannabis varieties offering a THC level below the legal limit, set at 0.3% today.

Until everyone can legally cultivate their garden, the association recommends obtaining CBD flowers from local producers or stores reselling their productions. She also recommends asking physical or online stores for organic cultivation certificates when they are promoted. Kokopelli also encourages the self-production of CBD wherever possible and legally permitted.

The association will hold a live on the subject on December 14.

Kokopelli is widely known for her many acts of civil disobedience to break the monopoly of global seedbanks on seeds she deems to be a common good. On the other hand, it has been criticized on several occasions for the positions of its founder or by former employees who denounced their working conditions.

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