Rue de la Boulette: French hash experts

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If you have tasted a French CBD resin this year, there is a good chance that it has passed through the hands of Rue de la Boulette. These enthusiasts, craftsmen of French hemp hash, quickly became a benchmark and supply a number of French and European shops and brands.

Visit of their exploitation in Aveyron, between softwood bushes and extractors, destined for the best legal hash in Europe.

The Cannabis plants of Rue de la Boulette

The Cannabis plants of Rue de la Boulette

A team of enthusiasts

The Rue de la Boulette brand was created in 2019 by 3 cannabis enthusiasts. Housed in the hollow of the Aveyron, in a climate conducive to culture outdoors hemp, the young team of enthusiasts cultivates several hectares of hemp in greenhouses and in the open air, the harvest of which is only used to extract the trichomes.

hemp plant alignmenthemp plant alignment

Aerial photo of one of their outdoor plots

The well-aligned rows of hemp are maintained with great care by the production team to develop flowering plants which, once mature, express the full potential of cannabinoid and aromatic active ingredients, all with varieties from the European legal catalog hemp.

A hash mark 2.0

The Rue de la Boulette team includes qualified engineers who have developed their own range of tailor-made machines: harvesting, extraction and refining of trichomes – these resinous glands which contain the precious active ingredients of hemp (CBD, CBG, terpenes, etc.) , raw material for the resins they offer in their catalogue.

Rotary sieves (right), and Ice-O-Lator / Bubble Hash Extractors, the heart of RDLB productionRotary sieves (right), and Ice-O-Lator / Bubble Hash Extractors, the heart of RDLB production

Rotary sieves (right), and Ice-O-Lator / Bubble Hash Extractors, the heart of RDLB production

Hashmaker, an exceptional profession

The young team strives to produce high quality cannabis resin, mastering the different manufacturing methods, such as dry and wet sieving on frozen plants at harvest, to ensure the quality and purity of the product. finished. These hashmakers also do a lot of work selecting the best Cannabis Sativa.L phenotypes to obtain a top quality resin.

This craft requires in-depth knowledge of the different properties of hemp, CBD or CBG, the terpenes – essential oils produced by the flowers – as well as painstaking attention to detail to ensure a consistent, high-quality end product.

RDLB expertise: quality, traceability, responsiveness

By working with materials mainly from their own production and those of French partner farmers, the RDLB team produces around ten different varieties of resins, each offering a unique experience for consumers. And of course all at -0.3% THC, respecting the legislation in force.

Each batch once produced is stored and shipped from France, they are obviously tested by a third party laboratory to check the concentration of CBD, CBG and THC before placing on the market. These results are transparently accessible on their website.

The mastery of all the processes, from the seed to the wafer, makes RDLB one of the most recognized companies, which has won the trust of consumers in this booming sector.

Some of their products

The Originals - The YellowThe Originals - The Yellow

The Originals – The Yellow

The yolk is sifted over dry plants in a negative atmosphere. The “pollen” is then placed in a vegetable cellophane bag and lightly pressed to keep its foamy texture. A classic with light flavors of fresh citrus, typical of the variety used.

The Originals - the AfghanThe Originals - the Afghan

The Originals – the Afghan

This traditional CBD Hash is one of the resins with the highest concentration of active ingredients at Rue de la Boulette, made with plants harvested late, which explains its dark appearance. It is worked and laminated by hand, which gives it a soft and oily texture, with floral and spicy flavors typical of a real Afghan.

The Supremes - the filtered x3The Supremes - the filtered x3

Les Suprêmes – the filtered x3

The 3x filtered is considered one of the most high-end hashes, the extraction is carried out directly on the still fresh plant, then the resin is filtered three times using sieves of different meshes to keep only the ripest and most concentrated trichomes, while preserving the flavor profile of the living plant. Once pressed, this hash is then refined for 3 weeks under a controlled atmosphere to make it “ooze”.

So don’t wait any longer, if you are a legal cannabis professional, wholesaler or retailer, take a look at their website, and take the opportunity to work with the flagship of the fledgling French CBD industry!



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