Several amendments tabled to include medical cannabis in the 2024 PLFSS

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As we revealed to you in two stages last week, several amendments were finally tabled (PDF) to try to include medical cannabis through the back door in the Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS) for the year 2024. With the same goal: to generalize medical cannabis in France for all potential patients.

A first amendment is brought by a Renaissance MP, Caroline Janvier, previously rapporteur for the Information Mission on the uses of cannabis. It proposes adding an “ad hoc” status around medical cannabis, namely “any medicine derived from cannabis, its plant and its resin, products which contain it or those which are obtained from cannabis, its plant or its resin. resin produced according to good cultivation practices and good manufacturing practices for medical use in accordance with the provisions relating to medicinal plants […] “.

The terms of production, distribution and reimbursement of medical cannabis would be established by regulation. The financing of the reimbursement would be taken from the taxes levied on tobacco, sugary drinks and alcoholic drinks, for which it proposes to remove the annual increase limits.

LR MP Yannick Neuder also proposes the same amendment as Caroline Janvier, a sign of an interest shared by the two majority sides of the hemicycle and going beyond the usual boundaries of the more minority parties.

Olivier Faure, PS deputy, proposes “to extend the experimentation of the use of therapeutic cannabis” so as not to leave the patients currently included in the experimentation without a solution, “before its generalization”.

On the LFI side, an amendment made by MP Karen Erodi requests that “within six months from the promulgation of this law, the Government [remette] to Parliament a report on the advisability of generalizing experimentation relating to the use of medical cannabis” in order to make medical cannabis “truly accessible to treat the 5 pathologies” of the experiment.

Environmentalist Julien Bayou submitted an amendment to legalize cannabis for adults. Aurélien Taché presents an amendment from the Addiction Federation to decriminalize drug use in France.

The fate of the amendments will be determined during the first reading of the PLFSS 2024 which begins on Tuesday October 17, 2023.

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