The first supercritical CO2 CBD extraction arrives in France, finally!

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Today, hemēka® announces the first supercritical CO2 hemp extraction made in France from French hemp.

100% everywhere!

After months of research and development, the first 100% French CBD extracts are finally coming out of the extractor. A 100% Full Spectrum, 100% traceable and 100% local raw material which will make it possible to offer the very first 100% French CBD oils.

More than a year of research and development

To be able to offer such a product, it took more than a year of research and development, testing, analysis, hundreds of hours on the phone, but above all a meeting. Indeed, this extract is the result of a meeting between Anthony, co-founder of hemēka®, with François, manager of Alliance CBG and who set himself the challenge in early 2021 of being able to offer CO2 extraction in France.

From an innocuous meeting was born a friendship and a solid partnership between two people and two companies who have the same vision and the same values.

CBD extraction by Hemeka

CBD extraction by Hemeka

A raw material for the French market

hemēka® has always advocated Made in France CBD products with the desire to democratize CBD in France. The extract they offer will be available in different forms and for different uses. The goal is to be able to offer it to both individuals and professionals in the sector.

For individuals, initially, in the form of CBD oil where the extract is accompanied by an organic and French hemp seed oil of course.

For professionals, the extract will be available as a raw material for their creations, whether to make their own oils or other products such as edibles for example. It’s up to professionals to let their creativity speak!

Impeccable transparency

In a CBD market in France where transparency in the origin of products and raw materials is still very opaque, hemēka® offers a high-end and unique product!

“Today, thanks to our network of several dozen hemp growers in France, we are proud to be able to offer CBD Full Spectrum extracts with supercritical CO2 made in France for a top-of-the-range product, 100% local, 100% French and 100% transparent » gives us Anthony Rebillot, co-founder of hemēka®.

About hemēka®

hemēka® is the brand created by Anthony and Fabien, founders of the website. From their launch in 2018, the 2 partners wanted to be able to offer products made in France, in short circuit and above all to bring transparency in the creation of products on the CBD market in France.

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