Germany takes advice from Malta on its cannabis regulation

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Last week, representatives from several European countries met at the invitation of the Maltese government to discuss the issue of cannabis regulation, the German Ministry of Health said in a press release. This meeting, which is a continuation of the discussions that took place in Luxembourg in July 2022, aims to promote a modern and health-oriented cannabis policy.

International cooperation for modern cannabis policy

The meeting agenda included discussions on national developments and approaches to cannabis policy. International cannabis policy frameworks were also discussed.

Burkhard Blienert, head of the German delegation and representative of the German federal government for drug addiction and drug issues, emphasized the importance of international cooperation in this regard in the press release:

“We face drug and drug policy challenges that no country can address alone. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to implementing proper cannabis policies. It is all the more important that European countries which innovate share their national approaches and exchange their experiences. The main goals of the amended cannabis policies are to strengthen prevention, reduce health risks, reduce stigma and facilitate access to help. Relying solely on bans will not move us forward in this debate.”

Despite existing bans, at least 4.5 million adults used cannabis last year in Germany alone. This poses “significant risks” because illicit cannabis on the black market “increasingly contains active substances and is often contaminated with other substances or drugs.”

Continued ministerial consultations on cannabis regulation

The Malta meeting marked the continuation of the ministerial consultations on the regulation of cannabis for non-medical purposes, which took place for the first time on July 15, 2022 in Luxembourg, where a delegation from the Netherlands was also present at the meeting. time but refused to sign the joint declaration.

In addition to Malta, Germany and the Netherlands, delegations from Luxembourg and the Czech Republic were also present.

The aim of these discussions is to promote modern and health-oriented cannabis policies across Europe. Participating countries hope to jointly develop effective approaches to address the challenges of current cannabis use and ensure a better future for their citizens.

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