CBD during pregnancy: good or bad idea?

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Even though CBD is presented as safe, consuming it during pregnancy can have various effects. Yet very tempting when pain appears, it is important to remain cautious. Let’s take stock of CBD and pregnancy to find out if its consumption has an impact on the development of the fetus.

The various forms of CBD consumption

CBD is recommended to soothe stress and overcome many daily ailments. It promotes letting go and calming down. Although many studies have been able to precisely determine that CBD is beneficial for health and safe for pregnant women, studies remain rare. As a precautionary measure, future mothers are therefore not recommended to consume CBD during their pregnancy, in the same way as hemp. There are two ways to consume CBD: ingestion and application. Here are the impacts on pregnancy.

Ingestion of CBD during pregnancy and the consequences on the baby

During pregnancy, the mother produces endocannabinoids which are none other than cannabinoids. During the breastfeeding phase, these are transmitted to the baby. Thus, the development of the breastfed child is directly impacted by the ingestion of these endocannabinoids. This natural process can be disrupted by maternal CBD supplementation. This is why it is advisable to let mother nature take its course and not consume CBD for at least 9 months, or even longer if you are breastfeeding.

Application of CBD to the skin during pregnancy

However, there are no contraindications to the application of CBD to the body of a pregnant or breastfeeding woman. Moreover, some health specialists recommend the application of oils to reduce the discomfort and pain common to pregnancy. Acne, lower back pain and heavy legs can be relieved with CBD oil applied topically to the affected areas. Be careful, however, the use of hemp essential oil remains prohibited as a precautionary measure, since no hindsight or serious study has yet been published to date.

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