Mauritius starts a trial on therapeutic cannabis

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Four months after having taken note of the report of the Technical Committee on cannabis for medical use, the Mauritian government has given its agreement for the start of a trial on therapeutic cannabis. Mauritian doctors will first undergo training with an American foundation, the Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC).

Each regional hospital on the island will have to integrate a therapeutic committee which will validate each prescription for cannabis. Cannabis-based medicines will be distributed free of charge to patients presenting to public hospitals.

Last January, the Mauritian government gave the green light for the use of medical cannabis. This treatment will only be offered to patients suffering from cancer and who require chemotherapy, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, among others. The drugs will be imported and must have been validated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United States Medicines Agency. We guess between the lines that it will therefore be Sativex or Epidiolex.

The island does not currently plan to grow cannabis on national soil.

The Mauritian law governing the possession of cannabis will have to be amended so that drugs whose content does not exceed 30 milligrams of cannabidiol per milliliter and 30 milligrams of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol per milliliter can be used, by inhalation, vaporization or ointment. .

The use of therapeutic cannabis in Mauritius has been considered for several years.

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