A bill to legalize cannabis in the Assembly

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Several deputies from the left and from the center want “Decriminalize and legalize cannabis under strict state supervision”. With this bill n ° 4746, the deputy (La France Insoumise, LFI) Eric Coquerel attracts the support of the other LFI deputies. He also relies on a few macronists like Caroline Janvier or Jean-Baptiste Moreau, and also independents like the ecologist Matthieu Orphelin or the Corsican autonomist Jean-Félix Acquaviva.

Concretely, this text envisages creating a public cannabis monopoly, like La Poste for mail. This “Authority ofsupervision of production andexploitation of cannabis ”(AEPEC)” will control “The production and distribution, as well as the licenses granted for the retail sale of cannabis and cannabis products”. It is more or less the same model that Quebec has chosen.

Regarding products, Eric Coquerel plans to rely on “Agricultural regions todayhui the most in difficulty “. We recognize here the paw of Jean-Baptiste Moreau. The deputy for Creuse is one of those elected officials who lobby intensely for his department to cultivate “green gold”.

The THC level should be “Set by the State […] knowing that this THC level should not be too low in order not to maintain theattractiveness of the black market. ” The packaging in which the flowers, oils or concentrates will be contained must be “Neutral”, like the cigarette pack.

Proposal torpedoed by the macronists

But this proposal already seems to be in bad shape. The text is currently being examined by the Social Affairs Committee, a preliminary step in the process of a law. And, already, the deputies La République en Marche (LREM, Emmanuel Macron’s party) are opposed to it. An amendment carried by the former Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner purely and simply tries to make ” to delete ” this text.

“The LREM group believes that legalization of recreational cannabis is premature to date. The Government is not in favor of its legalization. As of July 2020, the Minister of the Interior placed the fight against drug trafficking among his three priorities. He believes that legalizing the recreational use of cannabis would not lead to a reduction in the level of trafficking but an adaptation of criminal organizations to new drugs ”, explain the Macronist parliamentarians.

MPs in favor of legalization will now refine their arguments. Objective: to convince the government and LREM parliamentarians. MEPs will discuss this text in plenary session on Monday, January 13. Given the importance of the social subject, it will certainly be broadcast live on television.

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