A union for hemp in French Polynesia

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Officialized on December 31, the Polynesian Hemp Union (SPC) wants to put in place a legal framework to develop the hemp sector and therapeutic cannabis in Polynesia.

The creation of this association follows an increasingly growing demand from local actors and is also “in the continuity of the official actions of the Country”, explains Philippe Cathelain-Tauotaha, president of the SPC, such as Cap 2025 where cannabis was part of the country’s recovery plan, or even the letter from President Édouard Fritch sent to Emmanuel Macron to “open up the possibility of cultivating cannabis for therapeutic use” in Polynesia.

“We set up this association to bring together all the local players who would be interested in the emergence of this new sector, which is that of cannabis. There are projects that are going to happen. The local government aims to produce cannabis, to meet the needs of France, in particular. There is also a great need for CBD in France, but also locally, where we are in demand. This union will therefore make it possible to federate all these project leaders and to be able to consult and work together to develop the sector well ” also explains Philippe Cathelain-Tauotaha.

Barely constituted, the SPC has already collected 60 membership applications from farmers who want to be the first to benefit from a probable legalization of therapeutic cannabis. The association already brings together several project leaders, including Karl Anihia from Tahiti Herb Culture, an association which campaigns for the legalization of cannabis.

“The union is reserved for professionals, project leaders, so you have to be licensed and have a project. We will study everyone’s requests. By integrating this union, it will be possible to participate in the various works and discussions that we are going to initiate, and to give its opinion ”.

The Polynesian Hemp Union will focus on economic actions and relations with project leaders. The details ” will be directed towards the Tahiti Herb Culture association which is in the process of creating a Cannabis social club ”, indicates the president of the Union.

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