The different brands of pipe tampers

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An essential accessory for maintaining your pipe, the pipe tamper, also called a pipe cleaner, has a dual function. There are several models designed by many specialized brands. Here is an overview of some brands of pipe tampers.

What is a pipe tamper?

It is quite simply a small accessory used to bring the tobacco into the hearth of the pipe, but also to pack it down. In addition, a two-in-one accessory, it also allows you to clean the pipe and remove the ashes that are sometimes encrusted. Finally, it is also possible to relieve the rod of any plugs, since the pipe cleaner is equipped with a fine point which slips ideally into the conduit.

The different models of pipe cleaners

As with many accessories in the smoking universe, the pipe cleaner comes in many models, thus varying the price range significantly.

Indeed, there are pipe tampers made of different materials, such as plastic, metal, wood or even more noble elements, such as aluminum or titanium. Likewise, some models are simpler than others, namely that there are classic pipe cleaners, but also 3-in-1 pipe cleaners or models with a more sophisticated design. For example, some can act as key rings to be carried everywhere.

Pipe cleaner brands

The price of pipe cleaners varies depending on the material of construction, but also on the brand. Some do not have one, thus constituting entry-level accessories. On the other hand, others are designed by prestigious houses, thus driving up the price.

For example, it is possible to find pipe cleaners from 3 euros at the entry level. To offer a gift to a loved one, brands like Talamona or Credo will be ideal since their pipe cleaners are not only aesthetic, but affordable with prices hovering around 30 euros. Finally, for more formal models, it will then be necessary to turn to more prestigious brands such as Savinelli, Peterson or even Ser Jacopo.

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