Colombia authorizes the export of medical cannabis

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Almost a year after having set foot in the export of cannabis, Colombia is setting its second foot. The government has just published Resolution No. 539, to authorize Colombian cannabis growers to export seeds, plants and even dried flowers. Some companies are already in the starting blocksready to send their production all over the world.

Concretely, Colombians will be able to export “ seeds for planting, plant compounds, live cannabis plants, cannabis, cannabis derivatives, and finished products”. This cannabis can be “psychoactive” Where “non-psychoactive”. They can send it “from the national territory anywhere in the world, once they have completed the necessary authorizations”specifies Article 21.

A capital precision: this cannabis will have to be used “for medical or scientific purposes”. Colombian companies will therefore be able to target countries that have legalized medical cannabis. This is the case of many American states, but also of some European countries such as Germany or the United Kingdom.

Exports to Germany in a few months

Before putting their products on a boat, producers must comply with very strict regulations. First, the green light from the VUCE, the government body responsible for foreign trade. Then they will need to obtain a stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

In this country where the climate is ideal for growing cannabis, companies are almost ready. Clever Leaves, for example, announces that it will export its first high-THC cannabis flowers in the third quarter of 2022. We have prepared for the regulatory change planned by the Colombian government, we now hope to supply flowers to our markets in 2022″rejoices his boss Andrés Fajardo, withEl Tiempo.

The company already plans to export to Germany, in particular thanks to its subsidiary present in Hamburg. In the newspaper InfobaeClever Leaves also announces that it is the first Colombian company to obtain the label Good Medical Practices (GMP), necessary to sell drugs.

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