Switzerland will “distort” CBD oils to prevent their consumption

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The Swiss Confederation will force manufacturers of CBD oils to add a product “denaturant at an appropriate concentration” for discourage excessive oral ingestion”. In short: they will have to make their oils almost unfit for consumption. Products already on the market can stay there for another six months. After this date, they will become unsaleable.

This decision already appears in the Federal Letter, the equivalent of the Official Journal in France, proof of its seriousness. One major unknown remains: will the “denaturants” make the oil unpalatable, or just give it a bad taste?

Until now these products were classified as “chemical products” in Swiss regulations. And not as a “food product”. The health authorities discovered the pot-aux-roses. If these oils are classified alongside soap and detergent, why is there an eyedropper?

“Switzerland will not directly ban these products, but will make them impossible to consume”analysis for Newsweed Simon Anderfurhen, Swiss independent researcher, specialized in drug regulation. For him, the federal government will “allow the consumption of CBD oil in a therapeutic, medicinal setting”.

Highly dosed Swiss oils

A logical continuation for this specialist based in Geneva: This is the result of a marketing pitch from the CBD industry that advanced therapeutic claims for their products. » Now, the authorities want to regain control, and pass cannabidiol for a drug, sold in pharmacies. And who says pharmacy, says strict quality controls.

Especially since the last few months have not worked in favor of the CBD industry. A February study by the Association of Swiss Cantonal Chemists showed that most oils were dosed too high. Scientists were alerting to a “dismal statement”. They were pointing the finger at companies that “do not at all respect the self-monitoring to which they are required”.

As a result, the partial ban on CBD oil appears as a sanction from the health authorities. “If you want to be an industry, you have to behave like onesays a Swiss boss wishing to remain anonymous. Self-control is a beautiful utopia, but unfortunately it is never enough. When it’s not the regulator that puts us in the way, it’s the industry itself. »

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