Germany: Demecan receives the green light for the production of medical cannabis

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Demecan, one of the three companies to have received a medical cannabis production license in Germany, but the only German one alongside Aurora and Tilray, has received its EU-GMP (good manufacturing practices) certification for its production site located near Dresden, Saxony.

EU-BPF certification (or EU-GMP for “Good Manufacturing Practice”) guarantees the quality of medical products throughout the manufacturing process. It is issued independently by the pharmaceutical authorities and now allows Demecan to produce “medicines” based on cannabis.

Dr. Adrian Fischer, MD and Managing Director of Demecan, welcomed the announcement: “GMP certification is the highest standard that manufacturers have to meet, as high quality pharmaceutical products are expected. The fact that we now have this certificate in our hands is an extraordinary step in the young history of Demecan and an important step for the development of a German cannabis center in Saxony. »

The way is now clear for the first delivery of 100% “Made in Germany” medical cannabis flowers. The first flowers produced in Germany have already arrived in pharmacies but were produced by Aphria / Tilray, a company of Canadian origin. With the GMP certification, Demecan will also be able to test the effectiveness of medical cannabis through clinical trials.

Demecan plans to deliver its first cannabis flowers to the National Cannabis Agency and, through it, to pharmacies in the first quarter of 2022. The company already supplied imported cannabis to German pharmacies, in this case a Florestura variety (Super Haze x Amnesia) 20% THC grown in Australia.

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