CBD is ‘safe’ for retail, says Health Canada

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CBD is “safe and tolerable” in healthy adults and should be available without a prescription, a Health Canada advisory committee recommended Thursday.

This recommendation comes three years after Health Canada first appointed a team of experts to examine whether CBD could be sold by mainstream stores, and not limited to adult or prescription cannabis stores. a doctor as is currently the case.

Experts have concluded that CBD is “safe and tolerable for short-term use (a maximum of 30 days) at doses ranging from 20 milligrams per day to a maximum dose of 200 mg/day.”

The expert panel noted “the desire of Canadians to have access to health products containing cannabis without the oversight of a practitioner (such as a doctor or nurse practitioner)”, but also requested that CBD base carry warning labels.

“If a person took up to the maximum dose of 200 mg/day, the maximum amount of THC absorbed into the blood and reaching the brain would potentially be too low to cause appreciable psychotropic effects in most people,” they said. concluded.

Health Canada will make the final decision on whether CBD can be sold at consumer outlets. However, the organization does not have a deadline to follow up.

The recommendation could open up a huge new market for CBD. Authorized Canadian producers have today concentrated in the vast majority of cases on the production of THC varieties intended for historical consumers, without however offering real offers to those who prefer more balanced and less powerful varieties or all the diversity “wellness” CBD products.

A few brands such as De La Ferme or After the rain have already preempted this niche in Quebec and offer products with low THC doses via the SQDC.

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