All about the tobacco plan 2023-2025

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In order to fight against tobacco trafficking, the French government has implemented the tobacco plan 2023-2025. What is it about ? How is it articulated? Who is concerned ? We explain everything to you.

Helping customs deal with the rise in tobacco trafficking

Since 2020, customs have recorded an increase in tobacco seizures. In order to fight against illicit tobacco trafficking, Gabriel Attal unveiled the 2023-2025 tobacco plan on December 5th.

Many measures will be put in place to improve the detection of fraud and prevent the establishment of clandestine factories on the territory. This requires significant investment, but the results should meet the expectations of the Élysée.

6 levers to deploy to fight against tobacco trafficking

Among the measures put forward by Gabriel Attal, we find in particular the acquisition of 22 more scanners strategically placed on the roads and postal warehouses, for a total of 45 million euros. On the other hand, the training of active tobacco dogs will be increased, making it possible to increase the workforce by 20%. A chemical profiling of all major seizures will be automatic and orchestrated by customs laboratories. Tobacco precursors on the territory will also be checked, in order to verify the conformity of tobacco manufacturing on the territory.

Since the fight against tobacco trafficking is not only on the ground, the presence on social networks will also be reinforced thanks to the implementation of webscrapping and the establishment of cyber investigation teams. Finally, in collaboration with ANSES, the state plans to improve knowledge of tobacco from parallel markets with toxicology studies.

Punch operations and sanctions

Punch operations will be organized by anti-tobacco trafficking groups, in shops, but also in street vendors. In 2023, no less than 50 operations are planned, a figure that will double by 2025.

Sanctions are to be expected, such as the ban on French territory, prison sentences or administrative closures of 6 months for night groceries illegally selling tobacco. Similarly, in border areas, joint teams will aim to apprehend trafficking.

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