“Joe Exotic” rides the Delta-8 wave

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He announced it, he did it. While Joe Exotic is still in jail, his cannabis brand was officially released this week at a cannabis fair in Nevada.

And even if it means never doing anything like everyone else, Joe decided to ride the wave of delta-8, an analogue of THC from hemp, more or less in the gray zone in the United States and of sometimes dubious manufacture.

If his conviction on a planned murder was upheld by the United States Court of Appeals, but the sentence quashed for technicality, the convict’s lawyer reported to TMZ that his client had an agreement. with two partners to launch Joe Exotic Cannabis.

And two days after the decision of the court of appeal was rendered, a message on the Twitter account of Joseph Maldonado-Passage, his real name, announced the launch of his various products to his followers: ” Well world this is the official label for Joe Exotic Cannabis and Tiger P * ss Seltzer“.

The official launch took place yesterday July 28 at the CHAMPS show in Las Vegas, which was raided by agents of the DEA in search of products based on Delta-8, Delta-10 and THCO .

Cannabis brand Joe’s Exotics offers delta-8 THC products, including pre-rolled joints, candy, and a cannabinoid-infused seltzer. The goal is to distribute THC products to dispensaries in California later this summer and possibly then in Nevada and Oklahoma, the home state of Mr. Maldonado-Passage, during the fall. .

Currently, recreational cannabis is legal in California and Nevada, but not in Oklahoma.

Branding, subtitled The New King of Cannabis, includes American rainbow flag, flag Sorry Joe and a tombstone on which we can read RIP Hell Carole, his sworn enemy.

His recent judgment is of particular importance. Joe will be convicted again, unless the retrial attempts, which his lawyers are currently working on, are successful. But the money raised by his various cannabis projects could be used to finance his defense!

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