Poll: 61% of American voters favor legalizing psychedelics for therapeutic purposes

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A majority — 61% — of registered voters in the United States support legalizing psychedelics for therapeutic use, according to the University of California, Berkeley’s inaugural survey of psychedelics. 56% of respondents are in favor of obtaining authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for prescription psychedelics.

An overwhelming majority of respondents (78%) support making it easier for researchers to study psychedelics, while nearly half of respondents (49%) support removing criminal penalties for personal use and possession, and 44% support allowing the use of psychedelics for spiritual and religious purposes.

Of the 61% of people in favor of allowing the therapeutic use of psychedelics, 63% said psychedelics weren’t “something for people like me”, 56% said psychedelics weren’t “something I’m interested in”, and 47% said psychedelics weren’t “a good thing for society”.

Of those who agreed with decriminalizing substances, 57% said psychedelics weren’t for them, 39% weren’t interested in learning more, and 41% said psychedelics were “not good for society.”

Just over half of respondents (51%) said they had a “first degree” connection to psychedelic use – either themselves or someone close to them had used a psychedelic drug.

“Respondents with first-degree knowledge and connection to psychedelics are also more likely to support political reform, have a positive view of psychedelics, and trust almost all sources of information about psychedelics (except law enforcement). With the exception of research expansion, no psychedelic policy reform is overwhelmingly supported by voters who do not have a first-degree connection to use,” according to the study.

The poll found that 47% of voters had recently heard of psychedelics, with 48% saying they had heard of the use of psychedelics for mental health treatment.

Among those polled, liberal voters overwhelmingly favor legalizing therapeutic access to psychedelics (80%), compared to 66% for moderates and 45% for conservatives.

The majority of voters surveyed agree that psychedelic therapy is used to treat people with terminal illnesses (80%), veterans (69%) and people with treatment-resistant depression and anxiety (67%).

They are less likely to accept free access to psychedelic therapy for anyone over the age of 21 (44%) or the use of psychedelic therapy to treat addiction (45%).

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