Binge drinking decreases among teenagers after cannabis legalization

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A recent study suggests a decrease in binge drinking among adolescents following the passage of cannabis legalization, but researchers have also found an increase in heavy drinking among adults 31 and older.

The study, titled Recreational cannabis legislation and binge drinking in US adolescents and adultsis based on data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health for the period 2008-2019.

The researchers found that during this period, binge drinking decreased overall among 12-20 year olds (from 17.54% to 11.08%) and 21-30 year olds (from 43.66% to 40, 22%), but that they have increased among those aged 31 and over: from 28.11% to 33.34% among those aged 31-40; from 25.48% to 28.32% among 41-50 year olds; and from 13.28% to 16.75% among those aged 51 and over.

Heavy drinking habits among people aged 12 to 20 decreased by 4.8% after adult cannabis use laws were passed.

The researchers note that “current evidence regarding the association between recreational cannabis laws and excessive alcohol consumption remains limited to data from a few states, small study samples, and one U.S. national study using data of Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)”.

Rather, their study “builds on the existing literature using nationally representative data to investigate the potential effects of changing cannabis policy landscape across all age groups using a comprehensive measure of cannabis policies. alcohol state to control for differences in state contexts. »

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