“Afghanistan, Fortress of Cannabis”: Afghanistan as you’ve never seen it

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Through rare images, Lucas Strazzeri traces the history of cannabis to the present day, highlighting the influential role of Afghan practices, rites and legends. It also warns of the cultural and ecological excesses of the legal cannabis industry, while paying homage to ancestral and traditional Afghan practices. The new version of this book is available in a hardcover version in English and is sold with its digital version (e-book) in French.

“Afghani, Fortress Cannabis” is a valuable photo book for anyone interested in Afghanistan, cannabis, and the environmental issues of a growing legal industry.

With 130 photos and as many pages, it allows the uninitiated to grasp the essential notions of the history of cannabis and hashish, as well as an overview of the past and present uses of this plant. It also offers connoisseurs lexical details on common words in popular cannabis culture, and unique insights into Afghan cultural practices.

This book also aims to inform and raise awareness about the loss of ancestral varieties and the decline in cannabis biodiversity due to the sale of seeds on the internet. The reader will also find 2 interviews in the book and can listen to their audio recordings via QR codes. About thirty bibliographical references complete this work for the reader wishing to go further on these themes.

“Let’s now take a look at the history of Afghanistan, its spiritual traditions and its relations with the rest of the world, to discover how this country has influenced the evolution and consumption of cannabis until today” writes Lucas Strazzeri.

Afghanistan, Fortress of Cannabis » (128 pages) available here

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