Bavaria plans “central control unit” for cannabis consumption

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The German state of Bavaria wants to limit consumption through its own measures in the event of nationwide legalization of cannabis. A “central control unit” should, through the strict application of the federal law on cannabis in the state, “contain and prevent as much as possible the consumption of this dangerous drug”, announced the Minister of Health, Klaus Holetschek (CSU), in Munich.

Bavaria wants to limit cannabis consumption

All admissible legal measures will also be taken to oppose the law, should it come into force.

“Because the Berlin traffic light coalition project threatens health, especially that of young people,” said Holetschek.

Today, the Bundesrat has the opportunity to comment on the traffic light coalition’s cannabis legalization plans. Bavaria plans to “submit a plenary motion to the Bundesrat today that would completely reject the bill.”

The cabinet announced in mid-August that it approved the bill. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) spoke of a “turning point in drug policy” and said he was convinced that it could curb the black market, combat crime linked to drugs and strengthen health protection.

Bundesrat cannot block bill

The proposal still has to go through the Bundestag and the Federal Council. However, in the Bundesrat, it is not subject to a majority vote, according to Mr. Lauterbach, and therefore cannot be stopped at this level.

Spotted by, Kristine Lütke, political representative of the FDP in the Bundesrat, announced this on Twitter:

“Cannabis controllers in Bavaria?! Klaus Holetschek probably plans regular surveillance of cannabis users by the Stasi! But the fact is that Bavaria cannot ignore the applicable federal law – legalization also applies to the Free State! »

Earlier this week, the CSU announced that it “will do everything in its power” to prevent the legalization of cannabis in Germany. Bavaria had also already shown itself reluctant to legalization by asking the European Union to block the federal project.

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