“Access to care.fr”: contact your MP to mobilize them on medical cannabis

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The “Access to care.fr” platform is a citizen initiative which aims to raise awareness among members of Parliament of the need to legalize medical cannabis in France.

With growing evidence of the effectiveness of cannabis in treating a range of medical conditions, this campaign aims to inform and engage lawmakers on the pressing need to enact progressive reforms that could improve the well -to be around 300,000 sick in the medium term across the nation, while the government abandoned the subject in its PLFSS despite its promises.

Enlighten French MPs on the urgency of legalizing medical cannabis

“Access to care.fr” simply presents itself as a tool to easily contact MPs and raise awareness of a more compassionate and evidence-based approach to medical cannabis in France.

This initiative was set up independently by Damien Visconte, who is otherwise known for his Parlons Canna podcasts. He imagined it as “a tool to connect people who need to be heard – patients and doctors – and decision-makers” without it being linked to a particular association, company or union.

“It’s then up to everyone to mobilize and mobilize the deputies if they wish,” Damien explains to us. “The initiative supports nothing other than common sense and justice to ensure that people stop suffering and can access the right medication. »

The principle is simple and takes place in 3 stages: you can contact a particular ministry, raise awareness among local elected officials then publicize this collective action via social networks.

The goal is obviously not to spam MPs but to provide them with real testimonies and real support. The latter still have the possibility of bringing the generalization of medical cannabis into the PLFSS through amendments, which would be made easier for them by real-life testimonies from people who already benefit or who could benefit from the benefits of therapeutic cannabis.

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