La Ferme Médicale extracts your cannabis in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region

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La Ferme Médicale has been producing cannabinoid hemp since 2019. A pioneer in its model, it had become accustomed to extracting the active ingredients from its plants in Germany, with France not authorizing the extraction of hemp until the end of 2021.

As the regulations have evolved on this point, La Ferme Médicale (LFM) now aims to make CO2 extraction accessible to as many people as possible and at advantageous prices, from €60 per kilo of biomass, by relying on equipment cutting-edge technology and in-depth scientific expertise.

Having navigated the twists and turns of the hemp industry herself, LFM understands the unique demands and challenges faced by businesses in the Cannabis industry. Whether you are a CBD oil producer, hemp cultivator, or cannabis product manufacturer, LFM provides a range of services designed to meet specific needs.

GMP certified supercritical CO2 extraction

Their state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with a GMP-certified supercritical CO2 extraction machine. This certification ensures that the extraction process meets the highest standards of good manufacturing practices. The use of supercritical CO2 extraction technology also guarantees efficient and high-quality extraction while preserving the active ingredients of hemp, without subjecting them to high temperatures, thus ensuring the integrity of the extracted compounds.

One of the stages of CBD extraction

Their quest for quality has included the development of a laboratory compliant with the ISO 22000 standard, which underlines their commitment to respect rigorous practices in food safety and quality control. From the initial seed stage to the final product, strict controls are maintained throughout the production chain in order to offer products of impeccable quality and safety.

Complete quality control

Quality control is an integral part of the process. Meticulous analyzes of the plant material are carried out before extraction in order to detect the presence of heavy metals and pesticides. Additionally, cannabinoid levels in the plant are precisely measured before and after extraction. These rigorous controls ensure that the final products meet their self-imposed standards for quality, purity and safety.

Once the extraction process is complete, LFM works closely with its partners to create formulations tailored to their specifications. Extracted plant materials, rich in phytoactives, are blended to create high-quality natural products that match the brand’s unique vision.

“La Ferme Médicale actively participates in the development of the French CBD sector by supporting producers in the different stages of processing their materials, thus offering a complete service from extraction to packaging” explains Raphaël De Pablo.

Unparalleled support and expertise

La Ferme Médicale has already established fruitful collaborations with numerous players in the CBD, cosmetics, food supplements and pharmaceutical research markets. By choosing to work with LFM, you will access the wealth of expertise of their scientific team. Their desire for excellence is reflected in the support and support provided throughout the journey, from extraction to product development to become a partner in innovation, quality and success.

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