CBD: An anti-wrinkle action on the skin?

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Relaxing, soothing, legal and… natural anti-wrinkle, CBD has unexpected virtues. At least that’s what a new study on the benefits of CBD for the skin reveals.

CBD: an ally to reduce the influence of time

No one escapes it, time leaves more or less significant furrows on each of our faces. By losing collagen, the skin loses its elasticity and suppleness. But sun exposure also accelerates skin aging, as well as pollution, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, poor diet and many other factors.

Rejoice, it is possible touse CBD to counter the effects of time, since researchers have proven that cannabidiol acts directly on wrinkles. Considered a true antioxidant, CBD naturally fights free radicals that denature the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also praised, since cannabidiol can be used in case of acne to stimulate skin cell renewal.

How to use CBD on the skin?

It is possible to use CBD oils to apply directly to the skin in the evening before going to bed. It will thus act as a night mask, ultra nutritious. If you prefer, there are also day or night creams based on CBD to firm the skin and restore elasticity to so-called “mature” skin.

If you love your creams and don’t want to change them, know that oral intake offers you the same benefits. Depending on the CBD content, the number of drops varies. To avoid mistakes, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Be aware, however, that a good sunscreen in summer and winter is essential to protect your skin from UV attacks. And it is also one of the only ways to preserve your skin. In other words, CBD cream does not replace the application of additional sunscreen.

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