AirBnb is offering a night at a cannabis farm for 420

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A sign that mentalities are irrevocably changing in favor of cannabis, the AirBnb accommodation rental platform has entered into a partnership with the Sonoma Hills farm in California to allow visitors to taste the “high life”.

Host and cannabis grower Aaron Keefer invites visitors to “test their green thumbs in one of California’s most beautiful agricultural valleys this spring.”

“Embrace the rhythms of nature and cultivate mindfulness with a cannabis-infused stay on the farm overlooking Sonoma Hills Farm, where we produce premium cannabis alongside a culinary garden using regenerative techniques,” May -we read on the Airbnb ad. The company collaborates with Michelin-starred chefs “to cultivate the highest expression of cannabis, hemp and sun-grown vegetables. »

AirBnb rents a cannabis farm

One of the 3 bedrooms available for rent

Three bedrooms are available in the house next to the farm, one with a king-size bed and two with a queen-size bed. Room rates are US$60 ($76), plus taxes and fees, per night “in honor of the farm’s 60-acre culinary garden.” Guests must be 21 or older.

Reservations will begin at 1 p.m. on April 20. Up for grabs: three stays for a maximum of two people between April 30 and May 3, which “coinsides perfectly with the planting season”.

The only catch: due to regulations, customers will not be able to “interact” directly with the cannabis produced on the farm. They can, however, go to one of the nearby dispensaries until California tourism regulations authorize the distribution of cannabis directly on the farm.

The farm's cannabis plantation

“Our goal is to normalize the cultivation of hemp and cannabis by demonstrating that it is a plant like any other, with benefits for humans and the earth. By providing an insider’s look at how we carefully grow our produce – whether it’s vegetables or cannabis strains – we hope to provide a stay that is both relaxing and rewarding,” Keefer said.

“By connecting with the land, guests will leave with a different perspective than when they arrived and will have supported our farm in a meaningful way. »

In keeping with the principles of regenerative and sustainable cannabis cultivation, Airbnb will donate to Regeneration Internationalan international movement for the transition to a regenerative culture, to support its “mission to reverse global warming and end hunger in the world”.

The AirBnb ad can be seen here.

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