United Kingdom: Green light for a clinical study on cannabis with 5,000 people

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The British health system will organize Canpain, a large clinical study around cannabis. The green light has just been given by the health authorities, reveals The Times. The objective will be to observe whether the plant is effective against chronic pain.

Medical cannabis is already legal in the UK, but it’s a semi-fiasco, between high price and drastic access conditions. The government is therefore considering expanding this program. Before that, he wants proof that THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids are effective against chronic color. Hence the launch of this new research.

the National Health Service (NHS) will bring together 10,000 Britons suffering from pain. These patients will be separated into two groups of 5,000, roughly identical in terms of age, sex and physical condition. The first group will vape cannabis every day, using a cartridge and a vape pen. He will then note if he experiences an improvement in pain, sleep, or nausea. The second will receive conventional drugs.

Obviously, this study will not be “randomized”, that is to say with a placebo for one of the two groups. It is however one of the principles of the most serious studies, in order to be able to compare serenely. Anyway, after a year, scientists hope to see more clearly about the role of cannabis in chronic pain.

15 million Britons could use medical cannabis

Patient organizations hope the study will provide concrete evidence of the medical benefits of cannabis. If successful, the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence could allow 15 million Britons to treat themselves with the plant.

Cannabis companies expect a lot too. One of them, LVL Health, will conduct this study. British health authorities will oversee his work, and then have it reviewed by other scientists.

This study should begin ” as soon as possible “announced last month the Minister of Health to The Independent. For Maria Caulfield, the stakes are high. “The current state of research is limited, and of low quality. Studies with few patients do not produce sufficient results to make decisions. » With 10,000 Britons enrolled in this study, the result could be decisive.

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