A majority of CBD products in Switzerland are too highly dosed

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Swiss scientists warn of a “dismal statement”. According to their analyses, 85 out of 100 CBD products are non-compliant with the regulations. 73 of these goods are even now prohibited for consumption, since they do not respect the specifications. Most of the time, CBD products have achieved these results because of too high a concentration.

“These products are not safe for consumer safety. THC and CBD have been measured, and the toxicological thresholds beyond which a health risk can no longer be excluded are frequently exceeded. For these CBD products, it only takes one to two drops to exceed the thresholds recommended by all the health safety agencies”alarmed Patrick Edder, one of the authors of the study, in an interview for Swiss radio RTS.

He analyzed various extracts, such as CBD oil, but also gums, infusions and sweets. Most of these products are too concentrated in CBD. And even if the substance is not psychotropic, it is not without risk, according to the chemist: “There can be adverse effects on the liver, the digestive system, fertility, or problems with drowsiness so if you drive it can be a problem. »

The maximum THC level ever exceeded

Some products also had to be recalled because “use of unauthorized hemp extracts”. The association of cantonal chemists – responsible for the study – does not specify which ones, but one can think of prohibited cannabinoids, or extracts such as Delta-8-THC.

These products found their way to market (and to consumers) because companies “do not sufficiently or not at all assume the self-monitoring to which they are legally bound”denounce the scientists.

Don’t panic, though: the maximum THC level of 1% has never been exceeded. “These products are not narcotics. That doesn’t mean they’re risk-free.” nuance Patrick Edder.

Swiss CBD consumers can be reassured: the chemist has not discovered any dangerous substances. But they exist elsewhere. Scientists have found vitamin E acetate and/or heavy metals in other cannabidiol products, including vape pen.

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