Why heat a cigar? Blog tuxedo.fr

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Heating a cigar is an automatic gesture to practice when you want to light your volute. Indeed, more compact and thicker than a cigarette, it is also sometimes more difficult to light. Here’s why it’s a good idea to heat up your cigar before lighting it.

Heating your cigar: quite an art

Whether you are a neophyte or experienced in the art of smoking cigars, you should know that its ignition is dictated by certain codes. Indeed, rituals are essential. While some like to smell them, others prefer to feel them while still others gently roll them between their fingers. In short, you will understand, this solemn moment is specific to each smoker.

However, there is one certainty: it is essential to heat your cigar before lighting it. This step is to be included in your lighting ritual, in order to be able to enjoy all the aromas of your stem and so that it can perfectly diffuse all its flavors.

Why heat a cigar? Blog tuxedo.fr

The importance of heating your cigar before lighting it

By heating the cigar, you will dry the leaves so as to obtain a perfectly uniform ignition. In addition, you will see the smoke escaping from it just before placing it in your mouth: a sign that it is ready to be consumed.

Heating the cigar before lighting it also allows you to appreciate the first flavors. In addition, this operation prevents your rod from being consumed at an angle. You will therefore not necessarily need to find stratagems so that the combustion is regular.

How to heat your cigar?

In practice, heating a cigar involves placing the flame of your lighter or your match about two centimeters from the end of your cigar. Tilt it at a 45° angle so that it touches the flame. Do not forget to turn your cigar on itself during this step.

Stop heating your cigar when the end is glowing or when it lights up. It’s the smoker’s choice! Try both options and see which one works best for you.

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